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Miracles Performed by Jesus

What proof is there that Jesus was God’s son and divine? Some people believe that Jesus was just an ordinary man, merely a prophet or teacher that lived long ago. However, Christians believe that Jesus was extraordinary and divine. Why? Consider the many miracles that Jesus performed.

Jesus performed many miracles. In this discussion we will look at just a few and place them in the following categories: creation of matter, alteration of matter, creation of biological life, creation of force, healing sickness, healing disease, healing paralysis, and healing eyesight. [...]

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Prophesies Fulfilled by Jesus

What are the proofs that Jesus was God’s son and divine?  Most people acknowledge that Jesus really existed in history, but some do not believe that Jesus was anything but an ordinary man.  Christians certainly believe that Jesus was extraordinary and divine.  But why?  Consider the many prophesies fulfilled by Jesus that point to His uniqueness.

In Lee Strobel’s book The Case for Christ1, he interviews Louis Lapides, a Jew and Christian pastor.  Lapides had attended a conservative Jewish synagogue as a youth but began a spiritual quest after [...]

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Even Russia Has a Flat Tax!

Did you know that former Communist countries have seen the light and adopted the flat tax? These include Russia, Ukraine, Romania and others, as shown in the graphic below. If they can figure out the advantages to a flat tax, why can’t we?

(Source: Fusion, September 2010(1))

According to a 2010 Fusion article(1), 25 countries have adopted the flat tax as of 2008. These include Hong Kong (with an individual flat tax rate of 15% and a corporate tax rate of 16.5%) and even Russia (with an individual [...]

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Prepare a Postcard-Sized Tax Return in 10 Minutes

Our tax system is a monstrosity that began as a 4-page form for individuals to complete in 1913 and has grown to 176 pages, if you count today’s 1040 with instructions. For corporations, it’s even worse. The National Taxpayers Union reports that General Electric in 2006 set a record by filing a 24,000 page tax return! We waste 7.64 billion hours costing $227 billion trying to comply with the byzantine rules formulated over the years in response to special interest groups(1)

The flat tax saves money because [...]

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Eyewitness Accounts of Jesus Sighting

Eyewitness Accounts of Jesus Sighting

The Christian faith rests squarely on Jesus is rising from the dead. According to the Apostle Paul, if this is not true, “we are to be pitied more than all men” (I Corinthians 15:19) for spreading such a falsehood and misleading so many people. Can we rely on the account in the Bible of the resurrection? The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” There are many reasons why we can rely on the account. Here are just a few:

Authenticity of the Account


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The Empty Tomb of Jesus

The Empty Tomb of Jesus

The quickest way to stop the new Christian religion in A.D. 33 was to produce a body. However, the leaders of the day did not do so. Why? The tomb was empty. Jesus had risen.

Last week we discussed the proofs of Jesus’ death, such as the medical cause of death and the confirmation by non-Biblical sources. Today, we discuss the proofs of Jesus’ resurrection, namely the empty tomb. The civil and religious leaders of the time could easily have stopped the Christian religion [...]

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Ancient Writers Confirm Jesus’ Crucifixion

Christians take the crucifixion claims about Jesus seriously.  The question is: Did anybody else in the ancient world?  The answer is yes.

 Ancient writers who confirm crucifixion

The following ancient writers confirmed the crucifixion of Jesus:

Josephus Tacitus. Mara bar Serapion


Josephus was a Jewish priest and Pharisee who surrendered to the Romans, rather than committing suicide like his comrades, during the A.D. 66 – 74 war.  He wrote a history called The Antiquities around A.D. 93. In it the following passage is found, “About the time there [...]

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Medical Doctor Confirms Jesus Death on the Cross

This week is Easter and we should fully understand how Jesus died.  It was necessary for Jesus to die before He could be resurrected. This is vitally important because our hope as Christians rests on Jesus’s resurrection from the dead.

DeAth By CRucifixion

In the Lee Strobel’s 1998 book The Case For Christ(1), he interviews Doctor Alexander Metherell, who possesses both medical and engineering degrees and was a former research scientist. Metherell explains the medical causes of Jesus’s death, although we must remember that Jesus voluntarily surrendered his spirit [...]

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