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Women who have abortions are more likely to have mental health problems

A 2011 issue of the British Journal of Psychiatry provides a study that concludes that abortions can contribute to mental health problems in the future. Watch the following video to learn more…

In the video the author makes the following points:

The study comes from the 2011 British Journal of Psychiatry (issue 199), pages 180—186. The study analyzed 22 other studies that included 877,181 women The key findings from these other studies were that women who had abortions face a… 81% higher risk of mental health problems 155% higher [...]

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4D Ultrasound – Pre-born Baby At 16 Weeks

Watch this 4D Ultrasound video of a child at 16 weeks:

Here are some facts about a fetus:

By Day 15, the fetus begins developing neurons in the brain and spinal column. By Day 22, the heart begins to beat. Up to the age of 8 weeks, the fetus subsists on the yolk sac, which then shrivels away as the fetus begins to rely on his mother for continued nourishment. At 9 weeks, reflexive movement meant to strengthen and exercise his body begins. At just 11 weeks, the fetus [...]

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Abortion – Choice or Murder

In this slide presentation author Robin Schumacher looks at abortion from a philosophical and biblical perspective.

Got ethics – Abortion

View more presentations from Robin Schumacher

Here are the points that Schumacher presents about abortion and whether the fetus is a person. At birth the fetus is considered a person, so at some time between conception and birth the fetus became a person. You can’t gradually become a person. You can’t be only part person. Therefore, at some point you become a full person. The logical time you became a [...]

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Three Reasons Why Abortion Is Wrong and Pro-Life is Right

This week’s lesson is about why abortion is wrong. To start out, go to the Three Reasons section, where I provide three short videos on the following topics:

The Bible says that a human is in the womb. Organ donor and fetal homicide laws clash with abortion laws. Abortions place women at risk.

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Who Wants to Become an Abortionist? Most Doctors Don’t!

Why has there been a sharp decline in medical students who train to perform abortions and doctors who actually perform abortions? Read on to find out.

In the January 2012 issue of Townhall magazine11 Daniel Allott quotes some revealing statistics:

Most OB/GYNs (obstetrics and gynecology) surveyed (only 14%) are willing to perform abortions. Two-thirds (69%) of metropolitan counties in the United States and 97% of non-metropolitan counties have no abortion provider.2

Why is that? Here are the three main reasons that doctors don’t like to perform abortions:

Abortions don’t save lives [...]

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Does the Bible Address Abortion

Although the word” abortion” is not found in the Bible, the issue is addressed in several verses. Read on to see what the Bible says.

The Bible indicates that a human is in the womb in the following verses, provided below:

Isaiah 44:24 Isaiah 49:1. Job 31:15 Psalm 139:13–16 . Jeremiah 1:5. Luke 1:15. Galatians 1:15.

Isaiah 44:24 “This is what the LORD says— your Redeemer, who formed you in the womb: I am the LORD, the Maker of all things, who stretches out the heavens, who spreads out [...]

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