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Clayton Kershaw Baseballs Best

Clayton Kershaw: Baseball’s Best

In this presentation, Clayton Kershaw discusses his faith in Jesus Christ….

Here are the main points made in the video:

2011 National League Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw, pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, is one of baseball’s emerging elite. He leads the National league in wins and strikeouts. Kershaw give all the glory for his success to God.

Tommy Lasorda, former Dodger manager, has noticed Kershaw’s special character. Kershaw believes that God cares more about how he conducts himself than the outcome of the game. He pitches for God. Kershaw says that if you surrender your life to Jesus, there is no pressure because your life is under His control.

Kershaw became a major leaguer at the age of 18. The way he coped with the big league pressure at such a young age was by recognizing that God is in control of everything. He is blessed to be married to his high school sweetheart, Ellen, and the two of them go on mission trips to Africa. All of this is described in the book, Arise.

According to Kershaw, there has to be more to life than going to your 9 to 5 job or going to the baseball stadium. You need a reason for living, a purpose to your life. Our purpose is to live our lives for the glory of God.

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Alice Cooper Living in the Camp of the Philistines

Alice Cooper Living in the Camp of the Philistines:

Watch this short video that explains Alice Cooper’s life as a Christian inside the rock business.

Here are the main points of the video:

Heavy metal rock star Alice Cooper (Vincent Damon Furnier) came from a solid Christian family. His father was a pastor, and his grandfather was an evangelist. His wife’s father is a Baptist pastor. Cooper grew up in the church, and his social life revolved around kids in the church.

In high school the Beatles influenced him to form a rock band. His group became popular, and he decided to acquire a “villain” persona to differentiate his group from other rock groups. This persona doesn’t make him seem very Christian from the outside. However, Cooper is a Bible believing Christian who believes the literal accounts of the Bible, including that of Jonah. He states that if the Bible says Jonah was swallowed by a fish, he was. Certainly the God that created the heavens and the earth is capable of keeping a man alive inside a fish.

Cooper considers himself to be a Christian inside the camp of the Philistines (rock business). He tries to live his faith. He says that when you accept Christ, your soul is at ease with God because you know where you are at with Him. However, it makes life harder. It puts you under the microscope, especially in his business.

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C S Lewis from theism to Christianity

C.S. Lewis: from theism to Christianity C.S. Lewis: from theism to Christianity

C. S. Lewis was the 20th Century’s most famous defender of the Christian faith. However, he began life as an agnostic due to his life spent in boarding schools separated from his emotionally distant father and mother who died when Lewis was young. Watch this short video that explains how this intellectual came to believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

Here are the main points of the video:

C. S. Lewis believed in a God but was attracted to both Hinduism and Christianity. He thought that Christianity was like other religions with dying and rising gods, redemption of sin, and triumph of life over death. He considered these to be mere psychological responses to the unknown.

However, one of his most ardent atheist friends said that Jesus Christ was an actual historical figure, and his friend didn’t seem to have any convincing evidence that atheism was true. Lewis decided to do some exploring on his own, reading G. K. Chesterton’s book, The Everlasting Man, which explained that the history of the world was leading up to the appearance of Jesus Christ. Then, Lewis began to read the New Testament in the native Greek. He soon recognized that the New Testament was not just a collection of stories but was a series of eye witness accounts of historical events. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ, a real person, did not sin and claimed to be God in human form. Either the claims of Jesus were true, or Jesus was a lunatic.

To believe in some sort of God is relatively easy. To believe in a God that is so specific that you can point to His appearance in history and the words that He spoke is relatively hard. In 1931 Lewis finally invited his close friend J.R.R. Tolkien (author of Lord of the Rings) for dinner to discuss such topics. Tolkien said Lewis was familiar with noble sacrifices in pagan stories, and it did not bother him much. Why should he struggle so with the story of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice? The only difference was that the story of Christ’s sacrifice was true.

This prompted Lewis to believe in Jesus Christ. After all, Lewis was a literary critic who knew myth and legend when he saw it, but he also knew eye witness accounts when he saw those as well. He recognized that the Bible contained literal history, literal eye witness accounts of Jesus Christ, his crucifixion and resurrection.

C.S. Lewis had come to believe that Jesus Christ was indeed the Son of God.

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Doolittle Raider Jacob DeShazer’s Testimony

Doolittle Raider, Jacob DeShazer’s Testimony

After flying in the Doolittle 1942 raid and being captured, Jacob DeShazer was brutalized by Japanese guards for two years. Watch this short video to find out why he because a Christian, forgave his guards, and returned to Japan to serve as a missionary for thirty years.

Here are the main points that DeShazer makes:

Jacob DeShazer was the Crew 16 bombardier on the Doolittle Raid on April 18, 1942. It was the first time the United States struck the Japanese Home Islands during World War II. The raid’s objective was to show that Japan was vulnerable after their successful raid on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Sixteen B-25B Mitchell medium bombers were launched from the aircraft carrier USS Hornet. The planes would bomb military targets in Japan, and try to land in China. They couldn’t return to the USS Hornet because you couldn’t land a bomber on an aircraft carrier. Eight men had to bailout, including DeShazer, and were captured after the raid. After two years in captivity, three of the men had been executed and one died of starvation.

DeShazer was very bitter toward the Japanese. For two years the prisoners had been held in solitary confinement. Finally, the Emperor of Japan insisted the prisoners be treated better. The Japanese began providing bread and also permitted books to be read, one of which was a Bible. After two years, DeShazer had a Bible to read.

He wasn’t a Christian and began reading the Bible to determine if there was any truth to it. He came to the realization that this was indeed the word of God. He read Romans 10:9 “If you declare with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” He did what the verse instructed him to do: confess and believe that Jesus was raised from the dead. DeShazer accepted Jesus Christ as Savior.

He began to change and the hatred of the Japanese guards left his heart. He felt God talking to him (not audibly) through through the Holy Spirit. On August 10, 1945 DeShazer began praying in the morning and continued until the afternoon. At 2:30 he stopped praying sensing that God was telling him that victory was won. On August 15, Japan surrendered and DeShazer was released.

In 1948 he returned to Japan as a missionary where he served for 30 years. The Japanese were in a spiritual vacuum after the Emperor had conceded that he wasn’t divine. DeShazer traveled across Japan bringing the Gospel message. During one ten day campaign, 30,000 people accepted Christ. In fact, the man that led the attack on Pearly Harbor, Mitsuo Fuchida, read DeShazar’s tract and became curious. Fuchida began to read and study the Bible. When Fuchida read the passage where Jesus said on the cross, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”( Luke 23:34 ), Fuchida broke down and cried thinking, “that was me leading the attack on Pearl Harbor.”

For seven years, Fuchida joined Deshazer in his evangelistic ministry and many of the people came because of Fuchida. Although Deshazer cried at Fuchida’s funeral In May 1976, Deshazer knew he would see his friend again in heaven as a Christian brother.

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Lee Strobels Testimony

Lee Strobel’s Testimony

Find out why the atheist legal editor of the Chicago Tribune decided to become a Christian. Watch this video by Lee Strobel.

Here are the main points that Lee Strobel makes:

With a background in journalism and law, Lee was an atheist, skeptical about the claims of Christianity. He was the legal editor of the Chicago Tribune so he needed evidence before he would believe in anything.

One day his wife, who was an agnostic, informed Lee that she had decided to become a follower of Jesus Christ. This was bad news to Lee who thought his wife would become a sexually repressed prude who would go serve the poor, and his marriage would end.

However, he saw a winsome change in her character over the next two months. He went to church with her and heard the Gospel message and decided to investigate the claims in the Bible using his journalistic and legal training.

For one year and nine months he investigated the credibility of Christianity. In 1981 in response to the overwhelming evidence he discovered, Lee too became a Christian.

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Three Famous People Whose Lives Changed Because of Christ

Three Famous People Whose Lives Changed Because of Christ

This week’s lesson showcases famous people who decided to follow Jesus Christ. To start out, go to the Three Reasons section, where I provide three short videos on the following topics:

  1. George Foreman.
  2. Evel Knievel.
  3. Norma McCorvey (the Roe in Roe v. Wade).

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