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Cure For Poverty

Watch three very short videos that explain how to reform welfare and reduce poverty

Welfare Can And Must Be Reformed

Here are the main points of the video:

In 1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson announced a War on Poverty. He pledged to prevent poverty by eliminating its causes. He promised to shrink future welfare dependence.

But, that never happened. The cost has skyrocketed 1300% and the poor are more dependent on the government than ever before. Over the past 46 years we have spent $15.9 trillion on welfare. We [...]

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Poverty Cure

It’s time to set the developing world free. It’s time to start asking what creates wealth.  Watch this video and find out why $2 trillion in economic aid has merely created dependency. Entrepreneurship creates wealth. Business is the way that people rise out of poverty.

Here are the main points of the video:

The reason there will be no change in the poor through distribution of aid is that the people who stand to lose by change (U.N. and foreign governments) have all the power. The people who stand [...]

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John Stossel – Alleviating World Poverty

In this short video, John Stossel discusses the dynamics of world poverty and ways to help with guests Andrew Mwenda and Karol Boudreaux.

Here are the main points of the video:

How should we help people in poor countries? Every year governments give billions in aid to Africa. Does it make a difference? $500 billion later, Africa is still poor.

50 years ago countries such as South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore were as poor as Africa. Now they are rich as we are, while the countries in Africa [...]

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Free Markets Not Redistribution Is Best Way to Reduce Poverty

Top Reasons People Go On Welfare

Watch this short video to see how the War on Poverty has failed. The welfare state has been a disaster for the less fortunate, creating a flypaper effect that makes it difficult for people to lead independent and self-reliant lives. This Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation video shows how the poverty rate was falling after World War II but stopped after the government declared a War on Poverty.

Here are the main points made in the video:

The Left contends that government should help the poor with “means [...]

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Star Parker Welfare dependency destroys black families

Star Parker is the founder and president of CURE, the Center for Urban Renewal and Education , an organization that promotes market based public policy to fight poverty.  She is also the author of Uncle Sam’s Plantation. Parker grew up poor in East St Louis and on welfare. She lifted herself out of welfare and today promotes free enterprise solutions to poverty. Watch her interview on Varney & Co. – Fox Business.

Here are the points that Star Parker makes :

When she was on welfare, everything was paid [...]

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Why the War on Poverty Failed and People Are Poor

Percentage of Families with Children That are Poor

This week’s lesson will provide a short video each day explaining why the War on Poverty failed and people are poor and how to solve the problem. Today, watch this short video by Robert Rector, Senior Research Fellow Heritage Foundation, that reveals the size of welfare programs and provides the single most important way to reduce poverty.

Here are the main points that Rector makes:

The great secret is the cost of welfare. People consider Social Security and Medicare as huge programs that will bankrupt us. However, most people [...]

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