My Favorite People

Dr. John Ankerberg

Defender of the Christian faith, TV host, author, and president and founder of The Ankerberg Theological Research Institute.  He interviews all of the top Christian thinkers on his TV shows and his YouTube site is a treasure trove of videos defending the Christian faith against contemporary assaults.

The John Ankerberg Show | John Ankerberg’s YouTube Channel

Books by John Ankerberg:


Chuck Colson

One of my heroes, Chuck Colson is a prominent defender of the Christian faith, best-selling author, speaker and radio/TV commentator, and founder of Prison Fellowship and The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview.

Prison Fellowship | The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview

Books by Chuck Colson:


Dr. William Lane Craig

Premier defender of the Christian faith, author, TV Commentator, and Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology.  Many of Dr. Craig’s videos come from his debates.  He is a very formidable debater,  providing logical, well researched, and well reasoned defenses of the Christian faith.

Reasonable Faith with William Lane Craig

Books by William Lane Craig:


Dr. Dinesh D'Souza

Defender of the Christian faith and best-selling author, public speaker, debater, and President of The King’s College in New York City

Dinesh D’Souza’s Website

Books by Dinesh D’Souza:


Larry Elder

Best-selling author, radio talk-show host, TV commentator and syndicated columnist.  His books and commentary defending conservative views are very well researched.

The Larry Elder Show

Books by Larry Elder:


Laura Ingraham

Defender of Christian and conservative values, best-selling author, radio host and TV commentator.

Laura Ingraham’s Website

Books by Laura Ingraham:


Joe Hicks

Defender of conservative/libertarian view, writer, radio host, activist, and host of The Hicks File on PJTV.  I like Joe’s videos, which are always informative and packed with supporting facts and his persona as a “been there done that” former leftist.

The Hicks File


Greg Koukl

Defender of the Christian faith, radio host, writer, and founder and president of Stand to Reason.  His videos are always very understanding in tone and easy to listen to.

Stand to Reason

Books by Greg Koukl:


Dr. Erwin Lutzer

Celebrated evangelical Christian preacher, teacher, speaker, author, TV commentator, and Senior Pastor of The Moody Church

The Moody Church

Books by Erwin Lutzer:


Michelle Malkin

Spirited defender of Christian and conservative values, syndicated columnist, author, and TV commentator

Michelle Malkin’s Website

Books by Michelle Malkin:


Dr. Daniel J. Mitchell

Syndicated columnist, radio/TV commentator and Senior Fellow Cato Institute.  I really like his videos promoting libertarian views, which are informative and packed with supporting details.

CATO Institute


Dick Morris

Defender of conservative views, best-selling author and TV commentator.  Dick’s books and videos are always very well informed and packed with supporting facts.

Dick Morris’ Website

Books by Dick Morris:


Star Parker

Author, TV commentator and founder and president of CURE, the Center for Urban Renewal and Education.  I admire her Christian faith, her overcoming welfare and drug dependency, and her fearless confrontation of Leftists such as Jesse Jackson and Michael Moore.

Urban Cure

Books by Star Parker:


Alfonzo Rachel

A regular commentator at, his video rants defending conservative views are very informative. 

Alfonzo Rachel’s Zonation


Dr. Jay Richards

Defender of Christian and conservative issues, writer, TV commentator, and Senior Fellow of the Discovery Institute.  I really like his well-researched books and videos.

Discovery Institute

Books by Jay Richards:


Dr. Thomas Sowell

Another one of my heroes, Thomas Sowell, is a leading conservative intellectual, the Milton Friedman of our day, and is also a best-selling author, syndicated columnist, radio/TV commentator, and Rose and Milton Friedman Senior Fellow on Public Policy at the Hoover Institution Stanford University.  He is a staunch defender of limited government.

Thomas Sowell’s Website | Hoover Institution

Books by Thomas Sowell:


John Stossel

An investigative journalist, author and libertarian columnist, and host of the TV program Stossel on Fox Business News.  His TV investigative programs are very informative and well done.

John Stossel on Fox Business

Books by John Stossel:


Lee Strobel

Defender of the Christian faith, best-selling author, radio talk-show host, and radio/TV commentator.  I really like Lee’s books, in which he interviews the top Christian experts in defense of the Christian faith against contemporary objections.  His web site is a treasure trove of very informative videos.

Lee Strobel’s Website

Books by Lee Strobel:


Bill Whittle

A defender of conservative views, writer, and TV editor, his videos are very well done and informative.

Afterburner with Bill Whittle | Bill Whittle’s YouTube Channel

Books by Bill Whittle:


Dr. Walter E. Williams

Defender of libertarian views, author, syndicated columnist, radio/TV commentator and Eminent Scholar at George Mason University.

Walter E. Williams’ Website

Books by Walter Williams:

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Conservative Magazines

  • National Review
    The magazine that William F. Buckley founded. The website provides news, columns, in-depth videos at the Uncommon Knowledge (UK) with Peter Robinson site, audio interviews.
  • Newsmax
    Founded in 1998, the magazine’s website provides news, columns, and slideshows on a variety of interesting topics.
  • Townhall
    Founded in 1997, the magazine provides columns by well-known conservative writers.
  • Weekly Standard
    Founded in 1995 and edited by William Kristol and Fred Barnes, the magazine website provides news, columns, and videos from Fox News.

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Conservative OR Christian Think Tanks

  • Acton Institute
    Purpose is to integrate Judeo-Christian Truths with Free Market Principles. Has videos on curing poverty with entrepreneurship.
  • American Enterprise Institute 
    Has policy studies on economics (fiscal policy, retirement, financial services, international economy, monetary policy); foreign and defense policy (regional, defense, terrorism, international organizations); politics and public opinion (executive, legislative, judicial, elections, polls, federalism); education (K-12, higher education, private enterprise); health (healthcare reform, entitlements, medical technology, global health); energy and the environment (conventional energy, alternative energy, natural resources, climate change, contaminants); society and culture (immigration, race & gender, civil rights, crime, religion, poverty, citizenship, free enterprise) with reports and videos.
  • Cato Institute 
    Has research studies on education and child policy; energy and environment; finance, banking & monetary policy; foreign policy and national security; government and politics; health care; international economics and development; law and civil liberties: political philosophy; regulatory studies; Social Security; tax and budget policy; telecom, internet & information policy with reports and videos.
  • Competitive Enterprise Institute
    Has studies about capitalism, regulatory reform, Constitution, finance, trade, insurance, nanny state, technology/telecom, energy and the environment with reports and videos
  • Discovery Institute 
    Has studies from a Judeo/Christian perspective on science & culture; wealth, poverty, & morality; technology & democracy; human exceptionalism with articles and videos
  • Foundation for Defense of Democracies 
    Studies on national security and foreign policy regarding Afghanistan, Arab Spring, global war on terror, Iran – energy, Iran – human rights, Israel, Palestinian politics, radicalization, Syria, United Nations with articles and videos
  • Heartland Institute 
    Free-market solutions to social and economic problems, such as budget, education, environment, finance, insurance, and real estate, health care, legal, telecom with articles, reports, and videos. Also provides a Tea Party Toolbox with links to all of the national and state Tea Parties
  • Heritage Foundation 
    Studies about agriculture, budget and spending, economy, education, energy and environment, family and marriage, health care, housing, immigration, labor, political thought, poverty and inequality, regulation, religion and civil society, retirement security, sex education and abstinence, taxes, transportation, welfare and welfare spending with reports and videos
  • Ludwig Von Mises Institute 
    Research and educational center of libertarian political theory and the Austrian School of economics led by Ludwig Von Mises. Provides articles, videos, and classes
  • Manhattan Institute for Policy Research 
    Develops ideas that foster economic choice and individual responsibility in the following: Health care, legal reform, energy polity, New York City/State policy, economy, finance, education reform, infrastructure, higher education, policing, pension reform, project FDA, prisoner reentry, public housing, unions, Latin American initiatives, Employee Free Choice Act with articles and videos
  • National Center for Policy Analysis
    Develops and promotes private, free-market alternatives to government regulation and control, solving problems by relying on the strength of the competitive, entrepreneurial private sector. crime, economy, education, environment, federal spending, global warming, government, health, international, minimum wage, national security, privacy, regulations, retirement, social, social security, taxes, trade, welfare, women in the economy.

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Christian Worldview

  • The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview
    Books, articles, videos that provides a Christian perspective on today’s news and trends and provides education about a Christian worldview
  • Confident Christians 
    A blog with slide presentations that defend the Christian faith on a variety of issues 
  • Creation Ministries International 
    Articles and videos defending the Biblical Creation
    Articles and videos answering questions from a Christian perspective that young people have about God, life, sex, and other topics
  • Josh McDowell Ministries
    Defense of the Christian faith and answers to life questions from a Christian perspective through articles and videos
  • Lee Strobel
    Many videos about investigating Jesus, investigating the Bible, investigating God, investigating Christianity, investigating the Da Vinci Code, helping others investigate faith
  • Ravi Zacharias Intl. Ministries 
    Articles, audios, and videos defending the Christian faith and answering contemporary questions
  • Stand to Reason 
    Articles and videos defending the Christian faith and answering contemporary questions
  • That’s a Fact 
    Short Videos from the Institute for Creation Research.
  • The Truth Project 
    Host website for the DVD series of the same name that provides instruction about the Christian worldview
  • The Veritas Forum 
    Veritas Forums are university events that engage students and faculty in discussions about life’s hardest questions and the relevance of Jesus Christ to all of life. Provides in-depth videos and books and is conducted on campuses
  • Worldview Weekend 
    Host website for the Worldview Weekend Radio Broadcast with Brannon Howse. Provides articles and videos in which Brannon Howse interviews Christian leaders

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Pro Family Organizations

  • American Family Association 
    Site to fight indecency and pornography and provides articles and videos
  • American Values 
    Site committed to defending life, traditional marriage and equipping our children with the values necessary to stand against liberal education and cultural forces with articles and videos
  • Americans for Truth about Homosexuality 
    Site opposing the radical homosexual agenda and standing for God-ordained sexuality and the natural family and provides articles and links
  • Focus on the Family 
    Help and resources for couples to build healthy marriages that reflect God’s design, and for parents to raise their children according to morals and values grounded in biblical principles with articles, booklets, and videos
  • National Right to Life 
    Site opposed to abortion and provides articles, literature, and videos
  • Vision to America 
    News site with a Christian worldview perspective

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Conservative/Tea Party Values Worldview

  • Big Government  
    Website founded by Andrew Breitbart for news and commentary. Breitbart TV has videos
  • Center for Freedom and Prosperity 
    Excellent videos, reports and blogs with a libertarian view of economic issues, free markets, limited government tax policy and more. Also see: Center for Freedom and Prosperity’s YouTube Channel.
  • Center for Urban Renewal and Education 
    Founded by Star Parker, through principles of faith, freedom and personal responsibility addresses issues of pro-life, traditional family, capitalism, ownership rights, school choice, personal retirement accounts, market-based healthcare, charity choice. Has columns written by Star Parker and videos
  • Common Sense Capitalism YouTube Channel 
    Lots of videos by Milton Friedman and Rick Santelli
  • David Horowitz Freedom Center 
    Founded by David Horowitz to combat the Left and its anti-Americanism. The DHFC’s mission is to defend the principles of individual freedom, the rule of law, private property, and limited government. It further seeks to defend free societies in the war against their enemies, and to reestablish academic freedom in American schools. support students’ academic freedom, and free the American university from political indoctrination and renew its commitment to true intellectual diversity. Contains many videos and TV appearances by David Horowitz. Also see: YouTube Channel for Freedom Center.
    Articles and videos by Dick Morris
  • Discover the Networks 
    Launched in 2005, is the largest publicly accessible database defining the chief groups and individuals of the Left and their organizational interlocks. Many articles, links, and videos
    Glen Beck’s website with radio, videos, GBTV, Blaze magazine
  • Liberty Pen Blog 
    Blog by Jim Cardoza, has links to many videos by Walter E Williams, Thomas Sowell, and John Stossel. Also see: Liberty Pen’s YouTube Channel.
  • Media Research Center 
    Since 1987, sought to neutralize left-wing bias in the news media and popular culture . Has blogs, audio, and video
  • PJ Media  
    Conservative columns and videos
    Libertarian columns, talk show videos
  • To Renew America 
    To preserve America’s Judeo-Christian heritage by defending and promoting the four pillars of American civilization: faith, family, freedom, and free enterprise with articles and videos by Dr. Jim Garlow and David Barton.


  • CNS News
    A division of the Media Research Center with a full staff of credentialed journalists, CNS News seeks to provide news without the liberal bias and contains articles, columns and videos
  • One News Now  
    A Christian news service that presents the day’s stories from a biblical perspective. Provides breaking news stories from across the United States and around the world and also contains videos.
  • The Patriot Update  
    News and commentaries


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Tea Party Activism


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