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Is Christianity Intolerant About Homosexuality

Is Christianity “Intolerant” About Homosexuality?

Ravi Zacharias, a respected religious scholar and speaker about Christianity and the Bible, explains why Christianity is not intolerant about homosexuality. Watch the following video to learn more…

In the video the Zacharias makes the following points:

How can Christianity condemn racism but condemn homosexuals? Christianity condemns racism because a person’s race is sacred. You cannot violate it. Christianity condemns the issue of homosexuality because sexuality is sacred. We dare not violate it. Sex is a sacred gift from God.

When God created man and woman, He said it is not good for a man to live alone. Man was not living alone; God was with him. So why did he say that? God created woman so she could uniquely meet the emotional needs of man. God made woman complementary to man.

The human mid reacts to sight, is entertained by the imagination, and gives all kinds of false hints. A proclivity does not justify expressing that proclivity. Henri Nouwen was a priest and then professor at Harvard University. He went to the State Hermitage Museum in Leningrad and saw Rembrandt’s The Return of the Prodigal Son. He couldn’t take his eyes off the painting for 3 hours. It changed his life. He resigned from Harvard and went to work with the mentally retarded in Toronto. He wrote a book about it, and also disclosed that dispositionally he was a homosexual. However, he never fulfilled that disposition for the sake of Christ.

What does it take to belong to a community of believers? You must accept their doctrines, code of conduct, etc. To be a Christian you cannot say that 90% of the Bible is rubbish and 10% is OK. You must accept the doctrines and code of conduct provided by the Bible. That is why Christianity condemns homosexual behavior.

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